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Angleside Security operates in a variety of sectors and locations across Europe, providing everything from manned guarding to concierge services to personal protection. Our services have been used widely and throughout the country. Clients are always satisfied, and many end up either returning to our services or recommending us to another client in need of security services.

Angleside Security, a highly recommended security company in France

We have several large contracts in France, one of which is providing guards for a major retail company. The company were unhappy with past services that they had received, so we were chosen to provide our services to over 30 of their stores throughout France. The specific service they required was security guards. We placed between one to a few guards on each store, depending on store size and needs, and each guard was given specific training in what they should be doing, and what expectations of them would be, aligning with not only our own expectations but also that of the company we were providing them to.

Day by day, we monitor attendance, behaviour and uniform of these guards, and in case of lateness, absence, or misbehaviour, we work to replace the guard as soon as possible. As is our standard, we strive to only provide the best services we can. Our manned guarding service ensures that stores and staff remain safe from violence or crime, while maintaining a non-threatening presence in stores for the customers shopping around.

We provide services to another major, worldwide company across the world, and in France. This company did not require our guards on their premises at all times, so what we have in place instead is our alarm response service. In the event that an alarm at a property belonging to this company is triggered, the client reaches out to our 24/7 international control room to inform them of the potential breach, and to give co-ordinates of the precise location of the breach.

Our control room will then dispatch one of our 24/7 guards to the exact location in order to investigate any potential issues. It will then be up to the guard to report back any findings, with photographic evidence, allowing for the issue to be dealt with professionally and effectively. These locations span across France, and our guards are ready to dispatch to any of the sites at any time.

Our alarm response service ensures that there will be someone on the premises of a breach as soon as possible, while taking that stress away from our client. Instead of having to worry about checking the site themselves or sending someone else to – potentially someone not trained in security, who may find themselves in danger – we send someone professionally trained. 

These are just a couple of the many examples of what we at Angleside do to keep businesses, hotels, offices and more across France. Our services and locations range beyond these and we have been successful in the security sector across France and the rest of the world for many years now. 

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