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Frequent travel can be very nice and special, but there are exceptions where travel can cause health threats. Many changes in daily habits, such as lack of sleep, lack of activity or healthy eating can, over time, lead to chronic health problems.

A research conducted by Business travel and behavioral and mental health, written by Andrew Rundle, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, New York. He tells us that the consequences of a more sedentary lifestyle, as a result of being on the road most of the month, can be obesity or high blood pressure (exactly 92% higher than the rest of the population).

Some of the symptoms can be:

  • You've planned trips you can't afford.
  • You have organized different trips that you thought you wouldn't do.
  • In your backpack there is always a roll or a piece of toilet paper.
  • Your wallet has at least 3 different currencies.
  • You can pack your backpack and suitcase quickly.
  • You understand what same same same but different means.
  • You can sleep anywhere and anyhow.