Rainy day plans in Paris

Things to do on a rainy day in Barcelona

See the Catacombs of Paris

In the beginning, before being catacombs, these tunnels were limestone quarries. They were called Les Carri猫res de Paris (the quarries of Paris). In 1786, many diseases plagued the city of Paris. It was decided to move the corpses and bones from different cemeteries to these tunnels.
There are 300 km of catacombs, but you can only visit a small part of them.

Learn how to make the famous French Macarons in Paris

Want to do something different? Learn how to make macarons in Paris with a local chef. You'll learn how to make this exquisite French sweet, which you can then repeat at home. Classes are usually limited to no more than 8 people.

Visit the Galeries Lafayette

They are one of the most visited galleries by tourists who come to Paris. So when it rains imagine how they get. But it is a good excuse to visit them. Even if you don't go shopping, enjoy its architecture. And don't forget to go up to the Terrace which has one of the best views of Paris.

Have a hot chocolate

If you visit Paris in winter or autumn, going to a tea room to warm up can be a very good idea. If you're not a tea drinker, you can have a hot chocolate.
Among the best caf茅s is Angelina, which is exquisitely decorated. It's a classic place, full of Parisians and visitors.

Visiting the Crypt of Notre Dame Cathedral

Visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral is a must in Paris. And if you have one of the city cards, a visit to the crypt is included. Take advantage of a rainy day to visit the crypt. We really enjoyed it, it's a great way to learn about the history of the city.

Visit a Parisian gallery, like the Galerie Vivienne or the Passage Choiseul.

Paris is full of galleries or covered passages as they call them. If you want you can take a look at these two, which are very cool.

Visit the Sewer Museum

There's a lot to see in the underground of Paris. The Sewer Museum may be a museum out of the ordinary, but it has its rewards. As Victor Hugo points out in Les Mis茅rables, "...Paris has another Paris in itself; a Paris of sewers; which has its streets, its crossroads, its squares, its dead ends, its arteries..." Fancy checking out the Paris Underground?

Visit the Grande Epicerie

La Grande Epicerie is considered the best food shop in Paris. Here you can tour the world from the Middle East to Brazil, you'll find white truffle honey, caviar crisps, and classic fruit jellies in this high-end gourmet paradise. Any of the shop's themed gift boxes: 'Rive Gauche', 'Dolce Vita' or '100% brunch', will make a lovely (self)gift.

Find a bar with board games

Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde has self-proclaimed itself as "a space for the expression of imaginary cultures", it's located in the centre of Paris and is home to all things geek, sci-fi and fantasy. Le Dernier is a 400 square metre haven for playing a huge variety of games, sipping delicious original cocktails (try the 'Poison Ivy') and relaxing in an anti-zombie bunker.

Go to an alternative cinema in Paris when it's raining.

L'Accatone in the Latin Quarter, as the name suggests, is where Pier Paolo Pasolini fans revisit the masterpieces of the most disturbing Italian director of his generation.
Their first film, 'Accattone', of course, but also 'Teorema', 'Edipe Re' and 'Il Decameron'. This is an uncompromising cinema, set up on a narrow street in the Latin Quarter on the site of a former cabaret.

Visit the Chocolate Museum

Learn everything you didn't know about chocolate. From the Mayas and Aztecs to the present day. Afterwards you will enjoy a delicious chocolate, ideal for the cold days.

Tour the Pompidou Centre

If you like modern art, this is the place for you. From the outside, the building of this centre will catch your attention.

Ideal to visit on rainy days in Paris, but also at any time of the year. Take a look at the temporary collections, they are usually very interesting.

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