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Rosé at Hotel Particulier

Romantic things to do in Paris include this hotel, bar and restaurant that has a garden that was originally a 19th century house owned by the Hermes family. Tucked away in a secret village near Montmartre, try their rosé or dine in the garden illuminated by many romantic lights. Ring the bell once you reach the door and ask to be let in, follow the cobblestone street, past the private bowling club and into the secret garden. Your Parisian dream begins.

Enjoying the sunset at Butte Beygeyre

On the edge of a secret hillside village on the east side of the city, you'll find a spot to enjoy the sunset behind the Sacré Coeur. As the sun sets behind the rooftops of Paris, you'll find yourself facing a private vineyard. There is only one bench and it is definitely reserved for lovers. Here the streets are quiet and there are a million little things you'll come across as you walk the streets. From beautiful houses to balconies full of flowers, there's a lot of magic and it's definitely one of the most romantic things to do in Paris - one of the romantic things to do in Paris as a true lover!

Breakfast A La Palette

This cute little bistro located on the left bank in the historic Saint-Germain area was the meeting point for Ernest Hemingway and his crew. One of the most romantic things to do in Paris is to sit in the pretty yellow seats of the bistro under the white and green awning located on this quiet little street, deep in the Latin Quarter. It's a great place to flirt with your date and put your feet up under the table while sipping a glass of wine - they're also great eggs for breakfast!

Stroll through the Musée de la Vie Romantique

Along an alleyway in Montmartre, not far from the Moulin Rouge, you'll find this little museum. Hidden behind the pastel pink and blue shutters of this 1930s house: the Musée de la Vie Romantique, with portraits of women in love and sculptures of grumpy men. There are also artefacts from the past, the kind of things given to lovers: beautiful combs, jewellery and trinkets. The circular garden, full of flowers and greenery, is a perfect place to relax in the surroundings and have lunch (or something sweet) from the glass conservatory café. This is a perfect destination for a romantic weekend in Paris.

Have a picnic on Canal Saint-Martin

Paris is full of places to have picnics with your soulmate. One of my favorite romantic activities in Paris is along the Canal Saint-Martin in the 10th arrondissement. Order a pizza from Pink Flamingo, and they'll deliver it to you along the riverbank you're on, identifying the pink balloon they'll give you when you place your order. Trés romantique!

Relax at Buttes au Chaumont

This huge park (and former quarry) towers high above Paris. It's vast and wild, making it easy to find a patch of grass in the sun or a secluded corner to spend hours with your loved one on a picnic blanket. Nearby shops, wine bars, delis and bakeries offer all the bread, cheese, wine and goodies you'll need for your picnic. At the highest point of the park, you'll find a temple-like structure that offers incredible views of the city, of course, best at sunset or sunrise - city of love stuff!

Read books and drink wine at La Belle Hortense

A nostalgic and cozy little wine bar in the Marais, this place allows you to sip some French wine while browsing the many books they serve along with drinks. It's a bookstore bar with lots of dark corners and candlelit magic. It's also perhaps the only bookstore in Paris that opens in the early hours of the morning. Come here with your sweetheart and compare your literary prowess.

Stroll along the Seine and Les BoutiquinistesTake

your soulmate for a stroll along the Seine with the goal of stopping to browse through all the very old and very French books at Les Bouquinistes, the open-air bookstores that line the river in the city center. Cute and cuddly!

Watch French films at Cinema Studio 28

What's romantic to do in Paris besides hold hands for hours in a retro cinema? The oldest cinemas in Paris show French period films and new films in English and French in a truly beautiful space. It's a classic cinema untouched by time: buy your ticket at the retro box office and sit in the dark for a few hours holding hands and trying to decipher the beautiful French language and the always fascinating stories. If you're looking for English language films from the golden age of Hollywood, Grand Action is another good option in an equally nice old cinema. Tip: when you check the program, VO stands for original version, so if it's an English film you'll get the original audio track, while VF stands for French version, if it's an English film, you'll get the French dubbed version.

Enjoy the view from the rooftops of Paris.

If you can find a private residential rooftop in Paris, we literally mean climbing a ladder on someone's roof, then you've found the most romantic place in the city. Secluded, quiet and private, the view from one of these places is always a feast for the eyes with all the rooftops of Paris in front of you, perhaps with the view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Ask anyone and everyone you meet in Paris if they know of a secret rooftop that you can borrow or pay for a night. If not, the rooftop bar at Le Perchoir on Oberkampf is pretty cute and romantic as a backup.

Wandering down the Champs Elysées

We've all dreamed of riding across Paris on the back of a scooter: the Eiffel Tower appears as we skirt the Seine, the Musée d'Orsay passes before our eyes as we cross the bridge on our left, while Notre Dame Cathedral is just ahead on our right. Definitely better than getting around the city on the metro! If you can ride a scooter, I highly recommend renting one for a day and seeing where the roads take you, stopping wherever you want. Freescoot offers scooter rentals in Paris.

Getting lost in the narrow streets of Montmartre

There is something magical about the streets of Montmartre, an area in the north of Paris, winding through its hills. In my opinion, this is the Paris of the movies more than any other part of the city: the Paris of Amèlie, the Moulin Rouge and Midnight in Paris, just to name a few. All the streets are old, narrow, winding and cobbled, dotted with little restaurants, creperies and bars there for a long time. You can always find your own little clandestine corner of Montmartre while wandering these streets, and when you're done, head up to the Sacré-Cœur church and enjoy the panoramic rooftop view of Paris.

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