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Titan Security Europe has been providing successful security services across all sectors of the United Kingdom for over 20 years.

Across the United Kingdom, we at Titan have been providing our concierge security services to the hospitality industry. Concierge security combines the two jobs of a front-of-house concierge and that of a security guard. Usually this is the service we suggest to hotels and other hospitality businesses when they come to us requesting our services. The combination of the two roles saves our clients time and money, as they do not need to search for or hire front-of-house staff separate to the guards that we provide them with.

Furthermore, concierge security ensures that the hotel guests and staff will be safe and that any threats will be identified and dealt with, while also giving any and all guests and visitors a warm and friendly front-of-house experience. Guests will not feel threatened or uncomfortable by a security presence, as what they will primarily see our guards as is the front-of-house concierge for their stay. We provide this service to many hotels across the United Kingdom, and are always happy to expand our growing pool of clients. 

Titan Security also provides services to retail businesses across the United Kingdom

From high-street to high-end, we have many clients in the retail industry who approached us with various concerns regarding the security of their property. To these businesses, we provide whatever service we and our client deem is most suitable for them. For some, we provide manned guarding – security guards to be on the premises in or out of opening hours, on the door and throughout the store, acting as a deterrent to shoplifting while also ensuring the absolute safety of customers and staff within the store. 

To other clients, we offer our security keyholding service. This allows one of our guards to, as the name suggests, hold a key to the property, and should there be a security concern in the night – for instance, a security alarm triggered – the guard will be the one to report to the property, taking the pressure from owners and workers of the business. 

Another service we offer to the United Kingdom is static guarding. This is a service provided to construction sites, retail stores, warehouses and the like – we place guards in the property in the hours they are left unattended, such as during closing hours, or when workers aren’t present. This service ensures round-the-clock protection for the sites and takes worry from our clients of security breaches occurring when they are not present. In case of incident our guards report to our 24/7 control room, with photographic evidence, so the issue can be dealt with effectively.

We have been pleasing clients across the UK for two decades and plan to do so for many more. From the hospitality industry, to retail, to construction sites and warehouses; from concierge security, to manned guarding, to CCTV monitoring, to static guarding and more, we do our upmost to meet the needs of our individual clients, and to ensure their safety and peace of mind.

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