Illustrious personalities of Paris

Illustrious characters in the history of Paris

France has always been one of those nations that has lived as a protagonist in the history of the last centuries. In this article we want to remember those characters who have contributed more to the transformation and evolution of civilization until today.
Here are the 5 characters of French history you need to know!

Napoleon Bonaparte

One of the most decidedly important personalities in French history is Napoleon Bonaparte, a French officer and politician, king of Italy and founder of the first French Empire. Born on August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica, and originally from a noble family, he devoted himself to a career in arms at an early age, completing his training in Paris.

Charles de Gaulle

French general and politician, Charles de Gaulle, whose full name is Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle, was the leader of Free France and fought actively as a military man in both World War I and World War II, in particular opposing the Vichy regime and the Italian and German Occupation. Charles was also president of the government from 1944 to 1947, president of the Council of the Fourth Republic and first president of the Fifth Republic for ten years, from 1959 to 1969.

Louis XIV

One of the most famous and important men in French history is Louis XIV of Bourbon, known as the Sun King or Louis the Great, who reigned for over 70 years, ranking ninth among the most enduring kingdoms that ever existed. The son of Louis XIII, himself the eldest son of Henry IV and Marie de Medici, and Anne of Austria, herself a descendant of King Philip III of Spain, he was an absolute monarch who, if anything, always acted in the interests of his country. His reign, which began when he was less than five months old, in 1638, and ended in 1715, promoted the influence of French culture and power in Europe and throughout the world.

Maximilien de Robespierre

The French politician, but also lawyer and revolutionary, Maximilien-François-Marie-Isidore de Robespierre, also known as "the Incorruptible", is considered by scholars to be one of the most important French personalities of the period of the French Revolution and the Regime of Terror. There are those who see him as an idealist, who followed the canons of the Enlightenment and specifically the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and those who instead describe him as an extremist who would have killed many people who were judged enemies of the Revolution that was taking place.

Henry IV of Bourbon

The King of France, the first of the famous Bourbon dynasty, Henry IV of Bourbon, also known as Henry the Great, was also nicknamed Vert Galant, a name that underlines his determination and ingenuity. The eldest son of Antonio di Borbone and Queen Giovanna III of Navarre, Henry became king of Navarre in 1572 and was therefore called Henry III of Navarre. He became King of France in 15994, when he took the place of Henry III of France and abjured.

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